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Our perspective is simple: there’s no substitute for experience. That’s why our consultants have at least 10 years of experience leading large programs.

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Regardless of whether you have adopted Agile development practices or you follow a more traditional Waterfall methodology, we’ve created a better way to do program management. One that delivers better results for you. It’s built on common sense and, like common sense, it’s taken decades to develop.

It starts with Common Sense Dictum #1:
There’s no substitute for experience.

And when it comes to big, critical engagements, there’s no substitute for leadership by seasoned pros. That’s why every Artizen program manager has at least 10 years of experience running major engagements. We’ll never send you newly-minted MBAs. Moreover, your Artizen expert actually runs your initiative on-site and in person.

Then comes Common Sense Dictum #2:
The only thing better than experience is even more experience.

We give you that as well, provided by our entire Artizen team. Pooling their decades of experience, our experts work with your Artizen program manager to provide full and continuous oversight of your program.

Finally, there’s Common Sense Dictum #3:
Better focus produces better results.

We focus on one thing and one thing only—program management, period. Other companies may expend considerable energy on other objectives, such as adding more consultants to fill the project roster. Our single objective is to manage your program to maximum success by working closely with you and your people.  When you hire us to run your program, we don’t intend to sell you anything else, so we’re free to focus solely on delivering what you hired us for—unsurpassed results.

Experts at the Top

Experts at the top

Every Artizen manager has at least a decade of program leadership experience. And the backing of the Artizen team.

When it comes to planning and executing large programs, there’s absolutely no substitute for experience.  Each of our program managers has at least a decade of hands-on experience running large, critical programs. Our Agile transformation leaders have five to ten years of Agile program coaching and execution experience.

In addition, program management is our one and only focus, period. When we go to work for you, we have no other agenda than your initiative’s success. That’s why your experienced  Artizen manager runs your program in-person and on-site. Contrast that with other management companies whose senior partners sell you their services, but don’t do the work. They send junior consultants to actually execute the engagement. The trouble is, when the engagement in question is yours, “junior” is not a word that inspires confidence.

Artizen does things differently. We have one goal only—to keep your program moving as efficiently and productively as possible.

All of which means the end of management-by-disaster-control. And the start of management-by-full-control.

Without rock-solid initiation, a program is in trouble from the start. Unlike many companies, we know how to begin at the beginning.

You’d be amazed by how many initiatives somehow fail to begin at the beginning. We’ve seen it—and fixed it—often enough to know that no program can succeed until the foundation is rock-solid. That’s why we work closely with everyone involved—executives, stakeholders and team members—to secure and confirm:

  • Sponsorship
  • Governance
  • Clear goals and objectives
  • Methodology (Agile or Waterfall)
  • Scope management
  • Communications
  • Tools to support the team.

On that indispensable groundwork, we build detailed plans to start and execute your program successfully. We identify and secure the resources (budgets, tools, coaches, head count and much more) that your program needs. And always, from kickoff to closeout, we create full transparency and clear communication, so people don’t guess at how things are going. They know.

Effective execution is both a science and an art. The science is in the methodology, models and plans. The art is in the team leadership. We’re experts at both.

Successfully executing a large program is both a science and an art.

The science is in things like methodology, estimating approach and thorough planning. The art is in leadership by example, building honest consensus, assembling great teams, managing risk, clear communication, close day-to-day management and creating a culture that accepts only high-quality results and on-time delivery.

Excelling at the science and the art of program management requires people with an unusual combination of acuity, grace under pressure, unmatched experience and intense, steady focus. These are the kind of program managers you’ll find at Artizen.

As for methodology, estimating models and project plans, Artizen’s are second to none.

And we apply them in a way that brings maximum effectiveness to your program. We can employ them all or use them to double-check and supplement your own. Either way, you’re guaranteed a process that’s comprehensive, repeatable and utterly reliable.

In the waterfall world typical tools we bring to your programs include:

  • Clearly defined program lifecycle and phase gates
  • Deliverable templates and examples (BRD, Functional Specifications, Change Management Plans, etc.)
  • Estimating models to improve head count and cost estimation
  • Program sponsorship and governance frameworks
  • Program metrics to improve status accuracy (earned value, risk management, software defect danagement, etc.)

In the Agile world we will help you build an Agile Program Office (APO) which includes:

  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Scrum and Kanban
  • Agile artifact templates
  • Agile metrics (burn up, burn down, code quality)
  • Agile governance models

In short, we bring the science and the art to execute your program and monitor and correct its progress at every step. That keeps disaster away and everything under control.

Our unique team review assures your program’s success at every stage. We even improve your next program by always improving your staff and methods.

An Artizen manager arrives at your office with at least a decade of program leadership experience. And as part of the Artizen team, that manager is backed up by many more decades of experience. That’s because all Artizen managers pool their expertise as part of our unique quality review process. Your Artizen manager uses it regularly to monitor your engagement. Team members work together to oversee checkpoint reviews at program phase gates. The Artizen quality review insures that all of our best practices are always in place. And when our best practices are at work, you can count on best results.

Those results include higher sponsor satisfaction as well. We make sure the value case for your program is understood and confirmed by all parties at the outset. And when the program is completed, that value can be measured against sponsor expectations. Not only does your program succeed, it’s recognized as successful.

Artizen even helps you get better results on your next program. Because we work closely with your own people and processes, we end up improving both. And that leaves your organization better prepared for your next initiative. Unlike some companies, we’ll never displace your staff with ours. The team that gains experience is yours. So when your next initiative is on the horizon, you can look forward to more control and better results.