Program Solutions

Darlene Greene, VP—Strategic Technology Partners, McAfee:

“The exceptional Artizen team was beyond instrumental in successfully helping establish true program management and dramatically improving project delivery in our IT department at McAfee. Put simply, they were foundational. As the VP of Strategic Technology Partners (STP), I incorporated several impressive Artizen members into my team to assist in every strategic and tactical effort for more than 14 months.

Artizen brainstormed, documented, charted, overhauled, implemented, trained and audited processes related to our program delivery, which resulted in a 52 per cent increase in on-time, quality delivery, immeasurable improvements in customer satisfaction, efficiency-driven cost savings and, of course, improvements in profitability. The value they delivered always exceeded their cost at least tenfold.

Whether it was a CRM, ERP, Hyperion, or any other application program, the Artizen team folded naturally into our team. They demonstrated leadership, vision, loyalty, consideration, adaptability, integrity, an unparalleled ability to listen and observe and a tremendous work ethic that garnered respect. Additionally, they were likeable, which also really matters, not only to me, but also in their ability to be effective quickly.

Without question, I will continue to use Artizen’s expertise, experience, and talent at every possible opportunity.”