Without rock-solid initiation, a program is in trouble from the start. Unlike many companies, we know how to begin at the beginning.

You’d be amazed by how many initiatives somehow fail to begin at the beginning. We’ve seen it—and fixed it—often enough to know that no program can succeed until the foundation is rock-solid. That’s why we work closely with everyone involved—executives, stakeholders and team members—to secure and confirm:

  • Sponsorship
  • Governance
  • Clear goals and objectives
  • Methodology (Agile or Waterfall)
  • Scope management
  • Communications
  • Tools to support the team.

On that indispensable groundwork, we build detailed plans to start and execute your program successfully. We identify and secure the resources (budgets, tools, coaches, head count and much more) that your program needs. And always, from kickoff to closeout, we create full transparency and clear communication, so people don’t guess at how things are going. They know.