Artizen has completed hundreds of program management engagements. Here are quick summaries of some of our more recent cases. The first two show our approach to managing large programs. The last four describe how we solve problems that affect programs and organizations.

  • Large Program Management: This describes our most typical engagement, in which we send a program manager to run a large-scale program on-site and full time.
  • Large Program Turnaround: Originally a four-week project assessment, this turned into a six-month engagement when the client asked our program manager to take over and manage the team through go-live.
  • Portfolio Management: A subsidiary of a large semiconductor manufacturer was suffering recurring delays on important projects. We solved it.
  • QA Review: A mid-sized high-tech hardware manufacturer was repeatedly missing project deadlines and going over-budget. We pinpointed the key parts of the project life cycle (PLC) that had not been followed.
  • Merger Integration: A Fortune 500 tech company needed large program management expertise to help integrate a multi-billion-dollar acquisition.
  • RFP Management for BRIC Country Enablement: A large network equipment manufacturer was starting an initiative to create a new buy/sell legal entity in Brazil. Artizen provided a program manager to oversee the RFP and vendor selection process.