Large Program Management

A Fortune 100 network equipment maker was using highly customized, outdated niche software applications to run its global post-sales support organization. The client realized it was past time to replace the old systems with new mainstream solutions. It also understood that the program would enormously impact its organization, including its 24-hour Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and its Global Product Services (GPS) group. The client hired Artizen to lead this mission-critical program.

An experienced Artizen senior program manager led the initiative from beginning to end.

In the program’s early stages, the Artizen manager guided the client through the Request for Proposal (RFP) and software selection. The client chose Artizen’s RFP management methodology for gathering requirements, RFP development, scoring, and decision-making. Primary vendor candidates included Oracle, Siebel and SAP. In the end, the Oracle 11i solution was selected. The software RFP process took three months including contract negotiation.

Artizen then led a three-month effort to select a system integrator with experience implementing Oracle 11i in a high-tech, post-sales support environment. The RFP was sent to five integrators, including Cap Gemini, Deloitte, Accenture, KPMG and IBM. Accenture was eventually chosen.

The Artizen program manager worked with the client to establish program-governance structures and to assemble a multi-vendor team. Accenture was chosen to handle functional analysis and solutions, Infosys ran offshore development, while a large contingent of regional staff augmentation consultants provided hands-on experience with Oracle 11i.

The program was delivered in three phases spanning more than two and a half years.

Artizen provided a separate release manager for each phase, making it possible to manage each delivery separately, but in parallel, within the overall program. The phased release strategy reduced risk and delivered key functionality for the TAC organization one year after the team was in place.

The program peaked at 250 team members and had a budget of $77 million. All phases were delivered on schedule and on budget.

The client judged the program a tremendous success. Six months after go-live, the CIO was quoted saying, “This was the best-run large program in the history of the company.”