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From our first day until now, our philosophy has remained unchanged: Better results depend on deeper experience and deeper focus.

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Artizen has been providing program management services since 1991 and, in all those years, our philosophy has remained unchanged: better results depend on deeper experience and deeper focus. That’s why every Artizen manager has at least a decade of hands-on program management experience. In case you are wondering, yes, many of our Agile transformation leaders have more then 10 years of Agile experience.

This singular focus on program management is why program management is our one and only business, period.

All of which pays you important benefits.

First, an experienced Artizen manager actually runs your program, working hands-on at your site to manage the host of players that a large program can require—multiple suppliers, full-time client employees, outsourced infrastructure, staff augmentation, offshore vendors, globally distributed client locations and more.

And because our one and only job is large program management, we have no conflicts of interest with those players. We sell no other services, so we don’t compete with those who do. That means our best interests are always aligned with yours. We succeed when your program succeeds.

Today, large programs happen in a big, complicated, difficult environment and managing those programs demands both science and art. The science is in the methodology, models and plans. The art is in the team leadership.

We’re not only experts at both. We’re experiencedfocused experts.

Our Core Team

Parker Painter
David Wells
Santosh Kolhatkar

When it comes to large program management, our core team is your core team as well.

That’s because our key consultants do one thing, and one thing only—program management. They aren’t encumbered with other priorities, such as up-selling extra services or extra staffing or extra anything else. Each of our key people works in-person, hands-on, at your site, applying to your initiative at least 10 years of experience in running large, complex programs.

So when Parker, David, Matt or Santosh leads your program, you’ve got a leader whose focus is where yours is. On maximizing results for you.

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Parker Painter

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Parker Painter founded Artizen in 1991 and leads the practice today. But even as founder and leader of Artizen, he models all that makes Artizen unique. Which is to say, he spends about 80 percent of his time doing hands-on management of large programs for clients.  He is a certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) and has led large scale Agile transformations for Fortune 100 clients.

Parker started his program management career with Accenture, a Big Four consulting company, but it wasn’t many years before clients were interested in engaging him directly. And so began his life as an independent program management consultant. Not only did his consultancy thrive, it also became the ideal laboratory for perfecting the vision, strategy and skills that led to Artizen. Today Artizen is one of the few companies to focus entirely on hands-on, large program management.

But Parker has been focused for a long time. At age 12, he set his sights on becoming one of two things—a professional basketball player or an engineer. His love of basketball grew to towering heights, but he did not, so he wisely cultivated his lifelong desire to “build stuff.” His new focus bore abundant fruit. He earned his engineering degree at Georgia Tech (graduating magna cum laude), then added an MBA in finance at the University of Florida. Today he builds stuff by managing large-scale programs. He also builds great teams to execute those programs.

And while nothing distracts him from his client’s best interests, he of course has interests that go beyond the workplace. Above all, he loves hanging out with his family (from whom, he says, he’s learned a lot about program management). He also logs about 20 miles a week hiking the hills of the San Francisco peninsula, accompanied by his intrepid dog Bailey. And for a real shift in perspective, he takes to the Sierra Range for long trail rides on his well-worn KTM 450 Dual Sport motorcycle.

David Wells


For more than 20 years, David has been transforming, consulting, designing and implementing large programs.  He is a certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC).  He’s right at home with manufacturing, logistics, ERP, CRM and application integration systems for high tech, consumer products, telecommunications, energy and nuclear industries. In particular, David loves what he calls “big, thorny engagements.” That would describe his work leading large-scale, complex business transformations and enterprise software programs for multibillion-dollar global high tech clients.

He is an Agile transformation expert who has lead Agile transformations at multiple Fortune 500 companies.

He regularly tames monsters like these by building extraordinary teams—even when they comprise many other complex and diverse sub-teams from the client, from major consulting firms and from big hardware and software companies.

He’s also worked with smaller clients, including IT consulting firms and software ventures, and developed program management methodologies for publication.

In both his professional and personal life, David strives to apply a simple dictum: Do what you say you will do.

Finally, he also pursues a pretty cool roster of hobbies: monoskiing, white-water rafting, body-boarding, snorkeling, golf, modern art and music. And if you’re wondering what monoskiing might be, get in touch with David and he’ll tell you all about it.

Santosh Kolhatkar


Over the last 20 years, as a seasoned Program Manager, Santosh has worked across multiple industries including Healthcare, Mobile Telecom, eCommerce, Payments and Networking. As a recognized Agile Coach for last 10 years, Santosh has worked with both Technical and Management teams to successfully adopt Agile/Scrum practices.

Santosh has coached and mentored over 200 teams including members of leadership and management teams to successfully adopt Agile/ Scrum practices. He recently led an Agile transformation of mid-size and Fortune 100 companies across both technical and non-technical organizations, to help them transform their business. Santosh is a thought leader on applying Agile principles in non-software business domains.

Santosh has a Masters in Mechanical engineering and Computer Science from Villanova University and Executive management training from leading business schools such as Wharton. He is a PMP certified, PMI-ACP, Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) and Certified Scrum Master (SCM). He is an early evangelizer of the Agile Framework and has been a key contributor in Agile workshops and Meet-ups.

Santosh has a passion for tennis and golf, he and his Son try to beat each other every chance they get. He is also actively involved in Indian Cultural theater; he has acted and directed several plays. He has an eclectic taste in music from jazz, to both western and Indian classical to Pop. He is also a foodie with an adventurous twist.


We are proud to work with the people and products of these organizations:

  • Scaled Agile, Inc (creators of SAFe, the Scaled Agile Framework)

  • AgileCraft Software

  • Rally Software

  • VersionOne

  • Project Management Institute (PMI)

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If you’re an Agile coach with deep experience and intense focus, contact us to discuss this position.

Scaled Agile Coach

San Francisco Bay Area

Artizen is seeking Agile Coaches who have experience with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to support multiple project teams using SAFe Methodology.


  • Supporting Product Manager(s) & Product Owner(s) in developing and refining the Program Backlog (Epics-Features-User-Stories)
  • Supporting Scrum Masters in the Servant Leader role
  • Guiding & advising client team as they create the program roadmap, forecasting feature delivery by release.
  • Facilitating Backlog Refinement and Sprint Planning sessions and obtaining full team commitment to delivering a potentially shippable product increment at the end of each iteration.
  • Advice and assistance to team in selecting and implementing tools to support Agile project execution.
  • Observing and coaching teams on:
    • Improving estimation and iteration planning.
    • Effectively running daily SCRUM standups and updating indicators of progress, such as Task Burndown Charts.
    • Establishing working agreements, including “Definition of Done.”
    • Running end of Sprint Retrospectives and ensuring teams are engaging in continuous Agile process improvement within the organization.

Required Skills & Experience

  • Clear understanding of Lean principles and theory behind SAFe

  • Clear understanding of Agile/Scrum theory and practice
  • Agile Certification required (CSM, CSPO)
  • SAFe Training & experience required
  • Experience working as an Agile coach
  • 1+ years experience as Scrum Master and/or Product Owner
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with diverse personality types.
  • Exceptional communication, organization, and time management skills.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills with a high attention to detail.

Preferred Extras:

  • SAFe Program Consultant Certification (SPC) desired

  • Large scale IT project experience using Agile in combination with traditional Waterfall methodologies