Our Philosophy

Artizen has been providing program management services since 1991 and, in all those years, our philosophy has remained unchanged: better results depend on deeper experience and deeper focus. That’s why every Artizen manager has at least a decade of hands-on program management experience. In case you are wondering, yes, many of our Agile transformation leaders have more then 10 years of Agile experience.

This singular focus on program management is why program management is our one and only business, period.

All of which pays you important benefits.

First, an experienced Artizen manager actually runs your program, working hands-on at your site to manage the host of players that a large program can require—multiple suppliers, full-time client employees, outsourced infrastructure, staff augmentation, offshore vendors, globally distributed client locations and more.

And because our one and only job is large program management, we have no conflicts of interest with those players. We sell no other services, so we don’t compete with those who do. That means our best interests are always aligned with yours. We succeed when your program succeeds.

Today, large programs happen in a big, complicated, difficult environment and managing those programs demands both science and art. The science is in the methodology, models and plans. The art is in the team leadership.

We’re not only experts at both. We’re experienced, focused experts.