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We keep large programs moving on schedule and on-budget, thanks to the tested and proven people, process and oversight that Artizen applies to every engagement.


When you’re responsible for a large, mission-critical initiative, you need a tested, proven program leader. And when you’re responsible for turning around a troubled program, you need a steady, experienced pro who knows exactly how to swiftly right the ship and get everything back on course.

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A contract project manager may be sufficient for the occasional small project. But when you undertake mission-critical initiatives, you need far more. You need the tested and proven people, process and oversight that Artizen applies to every engagement.

Our people are exceptional. Each program manager arrives at your site with at least 10 years of experience running large, complex programs. And every Artizen manager stays at your site and manages your program personally. Too many companies use their experienced people to simply sell services and then send an inexperienced manager to do the work. Artizen never does. We always provide a manager with long and proven experience to handle your engagement, in person, from start to finish.

Our process is unsurpassed. We can apply our own rigorous methodology to your program or we can use it to review, validate and augment your own methodology. Either way, you get a methodology that’s rock-solid and repeatable, so you can count on better results. We’re expert with advanced tools and templates that a major program requires, including:

  • Clear program lifecycle and phase gate definition
  • Deliverable templates and examples (BRD, Functional Specifications, Change Management Plans and more)
  • Estimating models to better determine head count and costs
  • Project sponsorship and governance frameworks
  • Project metrics to improve status accuracy (Earned Value, Risk Management, Software Defect Management, etc.)

Our oversight of your program is rigorous, supplied by the expertise of the entire Artizen team. Every Artizen manager on every program is backed by a Consulting Practice Manager who provides constant oversight, reviewing results at project phase gates and guaranteeing that all Artizen best practices are always at work.

We bring our better approach to every large program we manage. That’s how we deliver the business results you signed up for.

We’re experts at running programs with special demands. We turn around troubled programs, design solutions for specialized needs and offer unique problem-solving tools.

We specialize in managing large programs from kickoff to closeout. At every step, we know what it takes to produce superior business results.

And because we understand every step, we’re also proficient at turning around existing programs with problems. From troubleshooting programs that struggle to stay on schedule to overcoming chronic problems with an entire portfolio, we can help.

Artizen can prescribe and create a custom solution tailored to your company’s unique concerns. Then again, many program management problems are common from one company to the next. That’s why we also offer our powerful standardized problem-solving tools.

Our Program Health Assessment yields a clear and complete picture of what’s going on with your program and why. An experienced Artizen manager examines more than 300 components of your program to produce a detailed program dashboard and specific, actionable recommendations for getting your program back on track.

Our Program Management Review starts with a detailed analysis of representative programs within your entire portfolio. From that analysis, we produce a comprehensive assessment of your program management capabilities. Finally, we implement a continuing program that measures and improves the effectiveness of all your program management people and processes.

Our Merger Integration offering provides you with an experienced program manager who uses a proven methodology to plan and execute a complete acquisition integration program. For example, our tested “three in a box” management technique lets our program manager work side-by-side with both of your managers—one from the acquiring company and one from the acquired company—to run the integration program together. It’s just one way we supply the experience and tools to make your program managers and your entire team successful.

Our RFP Management method brings you a proven Artizen program manager, equipped with our tested methodology, to drive the selection of hardware, software or services quickly and effectively.

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Program Health Assessment

When you have a program that’s struggling, we have the answer.

Using our proven Program Health Assessment solution, an experienced Artizen program manager will quickly diagnose problems and make recommendations to get everything back on track. A Program Health Assessment can be completed in a matter of weeks and yields immediate, actionable recommendations.

We start by investigating how your project is being run—not the theory or the published methodology, but the reality of its planning and management. We dig deep into the project plan, project charter, the detailed requirements, design documents and other working papers. Then we interview the project team members and affected business stakeholders. We work through the symptoms and determine the root causes.

We’ve learned that, in most cases, those causes were built in from the beginning. Mistakes in the project charter, stakeholder management, team structure, team skill sets, vendor selection, and a myriad of other foundational elements begin to cause problems early and continue to get worse. Our Program Health Assessment finds those crucial foundational problems. Once we identify the root causes for trouble, we give the same thorough examination to the rest of the program—its execution and oversight.

Our tested and proven Program Health Assessment methodology includes an exhaustive 300+ quality checks, grouped into these general areas:

  • Sponsorship
  • Scope management
  • Project organization and communication
  • Budget management
  • Estimating, plans, and status
  • Procurement and contracts
  • Resources
  • Issue and risk management
  • Key deliverables assessment
  • Change management (adoption)
  • QA and UAT
  • Go live readiness

After our comprehensive review, we present our findings and make specific, actionable recommendations. Finally, we use all these results to design a program that can put your organization, your managers and your program back on track for success.

Program Management Review

Artizen can help you assess and improve your company’s ability to manage programs and projects. We help you set up Management Review programs that are self-sustaining and client-managed.

The Review starts with a Project Management Skills Assessment tailored to your organization. Your assessment includes broad-based testing of all your program managers and in-depth interviews with a representative group.

These interviews also employ our proven Program Health Assessment to produce detailed information about selected programs in process. By reviewing multiple programs we are able to identify patterns across your organization that show where program management improvement is needed.

From this wealth of findings, we make clear recommendations for improving your organization’s program management abilities. Typical recommendations include:

  • Project management training
  • Implementation of formalized phase gate processes including project reviews where conformance to best practices can be measured
  • Implementation of a project management peer review program
  • Establishment of project management communities and centers of excellence where project managers can go for help and advice
  • Access to document libraries containing templates and samples of project deliverables

Management gains far better control, too. We create dashboards that measure and clearly display indispensable performance metrics, including on-time and on-budget delivery, product defects, value realization and much more.

All of which means you can see your program managers and your entire organization improving right before your eyes.

Merger Integration

Artizen’s Merger Integration practice brings you expert program managers who can lead all phases of company acquisition and integration.

We have years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, successfully leading merger integration programs that are especially complex.

We’ve also helped Fortune 100 companies that continuously acquire and integrate. In these environments we help create a highly repeatable process that drives down cost and increases value realization.

We can bring thought leadership to large “one off” integrations and divestitures that demand specialized solutions for handling highly complex new business models and global operations.

We can deploy our own proven methodology or easily adapt to yours.

In short, whether you’re a Fortune 100 or a Fortune 10,000 company, we can make your acquisition and merger programs perform better and produce better results.

RFP Management

We bring our better approach to every program we manage. That’s how we deliver the business results you signed up for.

Artizen supplies you with experienced program managers who understand what it takes to successfully run RFIs and RFPs of any size. Our engagements typically include selection of:

  • Software for purchase
  • SaaS (software as a service) on a subscription basis
  • Infrastructure hosting vendors
  • Offshore development partners
  • System integrators for large-scale IT projects

In particular, we understand that managing a large-scale purchase is a full-time effort, yet too often such programs go overlooked and under-staffed. When that happens, the inevitable result is long delays in critical programs or, worse still, hasty decision-making and inadequate diligence.

That’s why get things right from the start. We use our proven methodology to assure repeatable steps for:

  • Establishing the criteria and decision-making protocol
  • Planning and scheduling internal resources
  • Collecting requirements
  • Screening vendors
  • Creating a “level playing field”
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Compiling scorecards
  • Driving the selection process

Finally, reliable, predictable procurement is critical. It only happens when a program provides a single point of contact who possesses business domain expertise and the project management skills to run the business side of things. Artizen does exactly that. We work hand-in-hand with the procurement team and we rally the right resources at the right time, so your effort moves from initiation through complete vendor selection in the shortest possible time.