When you’re responsible for a large, mission-critical initiative, you need a tested, proven program leader. And when you’re responsible for turning around a troubled program, you need a steady, experienced pro who knows exactly how to swiftly right the ship and get everything back on course.

Artizen consultants are adept at leading both kinds of programs.

Artizen Detailed .PDF Brochure

Artizen Brochure

Large Program Management

Our people are exceptionally experienced—and they work hands-on, at your site. We’ll never send you junior project managers.

Our process is powerful and flexible. We can apply it in whole or use it to validate yours. Either way, you get a methodology that’s rock-solid and repeatable, so you can count on better results.

Our oversight of your program is rigorous, supplied by the expertise of the entire Artizen team and a Consulting Practice Manager who provides constant reviews at project phase gates, assuring that your program is speeding toward the results you want.

Program Problem-solving

We’re also skilled at turning around existing programs with problems. We can create a custom solution tailored to your company’s unique concerns. Or, for many familiar problems, we can apply our powerful standardized problem-solving tools:

  • Our Program Health Assessment yields a clear and complete picture of what’s going on with your program and why.
  • Our Program Management Review starts with an analysis of your program portfolio. We then produce a comprehensive assessment of your program management capabilities. Finally, we establish a continuing program to measure and improve the effectiveness of all your program management people and processes.
  • Our RFP Management method drives the selection of hardware, software or services quickly and effectively.

Whether you’re in charge of a large-scale program or an important turnaround effort, you’ve got to get successful, quantifiable results. And that’s what Artizen has been delivering for decades.