Artizen SlideShare Presentations

This detailed PowerPoint shows viewers crucial information about exactly what is involved when Artizen, Inc., conducts a Project Health Assessment for clients, and provides key takeaways for anyone who may be interested in conducting these assessments within their organization.

This in-depth presentation begins with a high level overview of the concept of “cloud computing” and migration, then dives a bit deeper to cover the the standard methods clients can choose from to go up into the clouds. It also talks in detail about the key benefits you can enjoy if your migration is performed properly, while also discussing some of the potential issues and pitfalls that your Program may endure in the process, in the hopes that we at Artizen can help you avoid them in the first place. We hope you enjoy it!

This PowerPoint discusses the concept of measuring the quality of your Program, the focus that should be placed on balancing the “Triple Constraints” and then it covers the critical factors at each stage of your Program, including: Proposal Stage, Requirements Stage, Analyze/Solution Stage, Design & Build Stage, Test Stage, and Deploy Stage. We hope you enjoy it!

This presentation talks about IT’s true value to the Business side of an organization, and also covers in great detail, the “Hidden Costs” associated with schedule slips on your IT Programs. We hope you enjoy it!

Additional Resources Coming Soon:

This is where we’ll be posting slide shows, videos, papers and other resources that share Artizen’s decades of experience leading large programs. Look for real-world reporting and studies on topics such as:

  • The top ten reasons large programs fail
  • The importance of standardizing IT program business cases
  • The risks and rewards of implementing SaaS solutions without IT
  • Impacts of the Cloud on IT personnel
  • Bottom-up estimating for software programs
  • Request For Proposal best practices
  • How to conduct an independent project health assessment
  • A checklist for best practices in large program governance
  • Issue and risk management: the single most important tool in a program manager’s toolbox
  • Lessons for executives: how to get more out of your program status reporting
  • How mature is your program portfolio management process?  A simple scorecard for self assessment