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Nothing speaks more clearly than word-of-mouth endorsement. Here are short versions of what top industry professionals say about their experience with Artizen. 

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Large Initiatives

Artizen was key to our successful completion and delivery

Brett Colbert, Solutions CTO & VP of Enterprise Architecture,

“The team at Artizen was instrumental in helping me lead one of Cisco’s largest Oracle Apps implementations. The program was called C3 and followed on the heels of a previously unsuccessful attempt at replacing Cisco’s Clarify CRM system. The Artizen team was able to mobilize critical, skilled resources at the beginning of the program in order to ensure that the program fundamentals were put in place. Artizen leveraged their program management frameworks to outline and then manage every detail of the program. This level of detail helped us navigate through a very complex set of business process re-engineering and organization change management challenges. Artizen was key to our successful completion and delivery of C3.”

A Proven Relationship

Mark Tonnesen, CIO, Freedom Financial Network:

“Artizen has been a key partner to my success over the last eighteen years. I first reached out to Artizen in 1994 while working at Cisco Systems to lead our ERP and Service Logistics program that quite frankly was in trouble. Not only did Artizen bring the program management talent to the cause, but left Cisco with many best practices still in use today.

Artizen has proven to work in both high pressure and politically charged environments.

When Cisco built its world-class eCommerce platform, Artizen was again there to lead us in the successful delivery and acceptance of the solution. Artizen has proven to work in both high pressure and politically charged environments.

Since these early successes, I have come to rely on Artizen whenever I have large, important programs. Most recently, as the CIO of McAfee, I partnered with Artizen to improve McAfee’s overall program management methodologies. Improving our program management effectiveness has been key to turning around an IT organization that missed deadline, quality and cost commitments on more than 75 per cent of its projects. In the last quarter since implementing many improvements, we have delivered 100 per cent of our projects meeting all performance criteria.

I have always received the results I was seeking while using Artizen. They are partners you can count on. I will continue to use them in all my large and important programs.”

Proven Business Results

Brent Wahl, SVP Operations, WhiteHat Security:

“In 2000, I joined Cisco and started my partnership with Artizen as we were implementing various industry leading-edge Service Logistics capabilities. Artizen successfully led the management aspects of multiple programs while I was in the Services organization. A couple of the initiatives achieved industry award recognition, thanks to Artizen’s excellence in program management and delivery. Based on the business benefits achieved over the years, many of the tools, next-gen capabilities and best practices implemented are in still use today.

Artizen’s history of performance has…outpaced many of the “Big Four” consulting firms I’ve worked with.

With the success achieved in Service Logistics, I re-engaged Artizen while in Finance and Sales Operations to lead the program management office of several other highly visible programs including Cisco International, a successful enterprise-wide initiative.

Artizen’s history of performance has been stellar and far outpaced many of the “Big Four” consulting firms I’ve worked with. Artizen brings a tremendous amount of experience, proven methodologies and expertise in the technical and business aspects of running medium- and large-scale initiatives.

Artizen has been my partner of choice during the last twelve years. I recommend Artizen to anyone looking for a seasoned, collaborative and professional organization whose track record is unmatched in delivering business results.”

Program Solutions

Darlene Greene, VP—Strategic Technology Partners, McAfee:

“The exceptional Artizen team was beyond instrumental in successfully helping establish true program management and dramatically improving project delivery in our IT department at McAfee. Put simply, they were foundational. As the VP of Strategic Technology Partners (STP), I incorporated several impressive Artizen members into my team to assist in every strategic and tactical effort for more than 14 months.

The value they delivered always exceeded their cost at least tenfold.

Artizen brainstormed, documented, charted, overhauled, implemented, trained and audited processes related to our program delivery, which resulted in a 52 per cent increase in on-time, quality delivery, immeasurable improvements in customer satisfaction, efficiency-driven cost savings and, of course, improvements in profitability. The value they delivered always exceeded their cost at least tenfold.

Whether it was a CRM, ERP, Hyperion, or any other application program, the Artizen team folded naturally into our team. They demonstrated leadership, vision, loyalty, consideration, adaptability, integrity, an unparalleled ability to listen and observe and a tremendous work ethic that garnered respect. Additionally, they were likeable, which also really matters, not only to me, but also in their ability to be effective quickly.

Without question, I will continue to use Artizen’s expertise, experience, and talent at every possible opportunity.”

Merger Integration

Narayan Prabhu, Controller, Mergers and Acquisitions Finance, Corporate Development, Cisco Systems:

“Artizen has high-quality professionals who are subject matter experts in their fields. The Program Managers I have worked with are able to deal with multiple complex tasks simultaneously. They are able to manage intricate projects and are focused on problem-solving in a collaborative way.”

CRM System Integration

Irene Banks, IT Manager, C3 Program Office, Cisco Systems:

“I worked closely with Artizen at Cisco for more than three years implementing Oracle CRM/service logistics. Artizen brought strong program management skills to the IT organization. Parker Painter was a part of the PMO team driving the strategy direction for the program from its inception through full implementation. Artizen also did a tremendous job understanding and filling many of the technical and functional resource needs required to successfully implement a multi-year program at Cisco.”


Artizen delivers superior results.